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Why do you need to clean your chimney?

A chimney that is full of dust and carbon can be incredibly dangerous. The heat from your fire can warm up then set fire to the deposits that are found in your chimney, if this happens it can heat up the walls to the point that joists within your ceiling set fire, and much more.

For the cost of a clean, it's not worth the risk

Why do you need to service your boiler?

People should service their boilers every year to make sure the boiler is gas safe and energy-efficient, engineers also tend to notice future problems before they happen which saves money on a hefty repair bill.

If you have a boiler under warranty you need to service it every year to keep the warranty active and if you are a landlord, you are required by law!

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Service from £79

Let us protect you and the things you love, with our great range of maintenance products.

All our products are constantly tested to make sure the service and level of cover is second to none. It means that in any instance, you're in safe hands!. 

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"Quick and professional help to get my boiler servived in time for winter" - Jane (Bolton).

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