Become a County Rep

Are you an engineer, carpenter, electrician or other laborer? Then why not become one of our County Reps.

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Being a Heating and Home county rep

Being a county rep means we prioritise work to you, it's that simple. There are over 60 counties spread across the UK, meaning there are only these amount of slots. So act quick!

What you get

Prioritised work sent from us.

We spend money on marketing and seo to drive more repairs and installations to your area.

Support with your own marketing*

With our team we help you improve your own marketing in your local area.

*There may be a marketing fee applied to this. 

Referal work

If we have a county rep who refers work they can't do, e.g electrician work is referred to us from a plumber, this work is then passed to our electrician within the county. 

What we expect

Ethical and friendly

As a representative, you're the local face of our company. This means at all times you need to be friendly and customer-focused.

There are too many horror stories about handymen overcharging or charging for repairing things that don't need repairing. 

As a company we're transparent with what we do and what we charge. We simply charge a booking fee which ranges between £15 and £25 depending on the complexity of the work. 

We're a company that is based on large volumes of customers across the UK. Which means we need to always have happy clients.

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